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Belgic-Luxembourg Resources

Belgic-Luxembourg Resources

The LACS Research Center also offers a wealth of resources for families who are of Belgic-Luxembourg origin- that is, from today's Province of Luxembourg in Belgium, which was partitioned off from Luxembourg in 1839. 

Belgic-Luxembourgers came from the region around Arlon, Belgium (formerly Luxembourg) and began emigrating to America in the 1830s. This area was part of a cultural and linguistic "barrier" that was Luxembourgish in the 19th century.  Communities in this region include:  Sterpenich, Barnich, Sampont, Hachy, Fouches, Messancy, Hondelange, Halanzy, Battincourt, Wolkrange, Aubange, Attert, Grendel, Habergy, Stockem, Guirsch, Oberpallen, Autelbas, Tontelange, Nothomb, Metzert, etc.

The LACS Research Center has a variety of community histories, genealogies, passenger ship lists and other historic information from this region.  Families who emigrated from this region are also represented in various surname files, business files, church files, etc. found in the LACS Research Center.

Visit the Research Center or contact the LACS at 262-476-5086, or by EMAIL to learn more.

Fernande Hastert Kuykendall Honorary Consul of Luxembourg in Arizona -
Henry J. Leir Luxembourg Program