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Gifts of Celebration or Remembrance

Celebration and Remembrance Gifts

The LACS invites you to honor the special people in your life through gifts of celebration or remembrance.

Gifts of Remembrance:

Memorialize that special deceased person(s) in your life by offering a remembrance donation to the Society in their name. Not only does a memorial honor a deceased loved one, it also carries on their legacy through the mission of the Society. Three types of memorial donations can be given:

  • A memorial given in loving memory of a loved one who has died in the past.
  • A memorial given for a loved one who has recently died.
  • A memorial given as a gift from you for a friend or relative's loved one who has recently died. In this case the loved ones of the person you are memorializing will receive a personal card noting your thoughtful gesture.

All memorials will be mentioned in the Luxembourg American Gazette and the LACS E-Newsletter, including the name of the donor and the deceased. The LACS offers Memorial Envelopes specially for memorials to the LACS that can be used at wakes/funerals. These envelopes can be shipped overnight for your use.

Gifts of Celebration:

Celebrations gifts can be made to the LACS in special recognition of a loved one's birthday, anniversary, graduation, retirement, wedding or any other significant occasion. This is a great gift for the person who has everything or who believes in the mission of the LACS!  

Your thoughtful gesture will be recognized with a special card that is sent to the person you are celebrating.  Furthermore, your celebration gift will be mentioned in the Luxembourg American Gazette and the LACS E-Newsletter, including your name and the name of the person you are celebrating.

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Click HERE to download a printable donation form.

Note: All memorial donations to the LACS are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

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