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News and Notes

(L to R) Joe Jasper, Karen Jasper, Mayor Norbert Maes, LACS Executive Director Sara Jacoby, Jim Michaels, Marianne, Johanns, Robert Johanns

While in Luxembourg, LACS Board Members visited the commune of Goesdorf. At the Village Hall we were received by Mayor Norbert Maes and embarked on a tour of the entire commune. 










The first stop on the tour was the new daycare center.  The Director of the Center proudly showed us the modern and functional facilities. It's a true testament to Goesdorf’s commitment to the care and education of all their children.
























The last stop of our tour was a visit to the monument of SSGT. Day G. Turner.  SSGT Turner withdrew his squad into a nearby house in the village of Dahl, determined to defend it to the last man. Eventually, the German soldiers finally gained entrance but Turner He flung a can of flaming oil at the first wave of attackers and fought from room to room including fierce hand-to-hand encounters. He hurled grenades, bayoneted Germans soldiers and fought on with the enemy's weapons when his own ammunition was expended.







SSGT. Turner was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor on June 28, 1945 and buried at the American Cemetery in Luxembourg.  A monument was erected in Dahl in front of the very house in which he fought for over four hours.  The owner of that house: Lucy came out to great us and express her thankfulness with cookies and kisses.  Her parents had fled their house and taken their daughter Lucy with them when the fight started.  We each made entries in her visitor book which was filled with greetings in different languages as well as postcards, photos and momentous people had brought to share.


Meeting Lucy was one of those events that we will all treasure – what a gift!








After the tour was complete we retired to the restaurant for a family-style dinner.  It was at this dinner that M. Maes presented us with a book from his personal collection to add the LACS Rare Book Collections.








Everyone enjoyed their time in Goesdorf so much and we look forward to creating a youth exchange program with the commune in the near future – Stay tuned!









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